Forensic Tape Services

Tapes contain a snapshot of data which was present on a system at a point in time.


This could include information which is no longer available in ‘active’ storage, especially if – in the anticipation of an investigation – efforts have been made by a suspect to manipulate or remove potentially incriminating evidence such as emails from the live system. However, this evidence can still be found via a forensic investigation of the tapes.


Kroll Ontrack provides the technology, expertise and capacity to identify, extract and process target data from one tape to many thousands in an organisation’s archive. We have developed the proprietary software to read and extract data from all types of backup software, and have access to one of the most extensive and comprehensive collection of tape drives in Australia and New Zealand, including many devices no longer available in the marketplace.


Mitigate Legal Risk

Ensure accessibility

Organisations have a legal duty to preserve relevant data when litigation is reasonably anticipated. It is imperative to plan for legacy data accessibility as technology becomes obsolete and the operational cost to maintain legacy systems purely for restoration purposes is no longer practical.

Know when you can delete

Many organisations hold onto tapes containing data that they are legally no longer required to keep and often this is because they are not sure what data is stored on the tapes. Records previously destroyed in accordance with a valid record retention policy may still be discloseable if they are found to be stored on tape.

Kroll Ontrack Forensic Tape Services

Initial Tape Inspection

This quickly determines the date on which data was backed up and the server/source details. This is useful to establish whether the data contained on the tape is relevant to your investigation or disclosure exercise and thus if you are legally required to store it, or whether you are able to securely destroy the data safely in the knowledge that you no longer need it, saving you money.

Tape Catalogue

This produces a file-level listing of the contents of a tape including the presence of any e-mail stores which makes it possible to determine whether or not the tape contains relevant information.

Tape Extraction

This involves a forensically sound extraction of the relevant data from those tapes which contain data pertinent to your matter.

Defensible Data Handling

The computer forensic experts at Kroll Ontrack have developed tools and software exclusively for handling data on tapes and recovering legacy information. Using an independent expert to handle complex data extractions also helps build a defensible position with regulators or opposing parties in litigation.


Our procedures eliminate the need to rebuild the original environment, reducing costs and increasing efficiency – whilst complying with the strictest rules of evidence handling.


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