Tape Duplication and De-Duplication

Tape Duplication

Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery have developed software and systems that allow the off-line duplication of your vital backups or the creation of multiple copies of data for distribution. We can also supply a system solution for your duplication requirements.

  • Fast, simple and limits the negative effects on system performance caused when making multiple backups.
  • We copy your tapes independently from your live systems and then validate them with a restore process.


Tape De-duplication

Is your archive growing out of control? Are you planning a move from tape to disk?

Our de-duplication service will identify, index and then remove all multiple instances of data that is determined to be surplus to requirements.

This enables a reduction in tapes, lower storage costs, faster restore times and of course less data to import into your new SAN.

  • Protect your data by creating multiple copies.
  • Easily distribute the content of tapes to multiple departments, customers etc.

For more information about any of our tape data duplication and data de-duplication, or to request a free quote and consultation, call Kroll Ontrack today on 1800 872 259.

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