Tape Data Recovery

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Tape Recovery Options for Backups and Archives

When tape storage media fails, Kroll Ontrack has solutions to extract and recover your valuable backup data.

There is more to recovering data from backups and archives than just reading from older tape media storage. The tape recovery process is uniquely designed by Kroll Ontrack engineers to extract data from any type of media storage. The range of tape media types that Kroll Ontrack can recover from is the most comprehensive in the industry. With over 50,000 recoveries each year, let the data recovery engineers of Kroll Ontrack catalogue, extract and recover your data – regardless of backup formats.

Kroll Ontrack has a large inventory of tape drives to read your tape media. If your media has an obsolete archive format, don’t worry, Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery engineers have the experience and the resources required to search, extract and recover your data.

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Kroll Ontrack has rescued data from the following scenarios involving tape media:

Data Recovery Solutions for any Tape Media

Here is a list of some common tape drive vendors and media that Kroll Ontrack specialise in – if you do not see your brand of tape drive or tape media listed, then contact us on 0508 872 259 to discuss your specific recovery requirements with one of our data service representatives. Kroll Ontrack is also capable of developing a custom solution for unique or propriety backup archive systems.

Tape Drive

Tape Media

Tape Capacity

Vendor: IBM
3500 Series
3500 MP Series 5 – 700GB
Vendor: Sony
AIT Series / SAIT Series
8mm (AIT) 35 – 500GB
Vendor: Oracle (Formally StorageTek)
9800 series / 10000 series
9800 series / 10000 series 40 – 1000GB
DLT Series / SDLT Series
DLT Series / SDLT Series 80 – 800GB
Vendor: Tandberg Data
DAT Series / LTO Series / SLR Series / VXA Series
4mm, 8mm (MP) / Ultrium (Generation 1-5) / SLR / VXA 38 – 1500GB
Vendors: Quantum, HP, Sony
DDS Series / DAT Series
DDS 4mm 20 – 40GB
Vendors: IBM, HP, Quantum, Sony
LTO Series
Ultrium (Generation 1-5) 200 – 3000GB

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