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Custom Tape Management Services

Against the backdrop of an increasingly complex technical infrastructure, a mountain of data and flat or decreasing budgets, managing the life cycle of information presents a challenge for any organisation.

Kroll Ontrack supports IT departments by providing comprehensive, cost effective interim and long term solutions for managing enterprise backup data stored in tape archives.

We know that data management doesn’t end with tape archiving. Serious issues with older storage frequently only come to light when an organisation needs to upgrade systems, consolidate multiple tape archives or when old company backup tape data needs to be recovered in the case of a company merger or legal investigation.

That’s why our solutions make it easy to retain and access the contents of archives for the duration of the data retention period.


Ontrack Tape Services:


    • Tape Archive Migration: When legacy systems can no longer be supported, it’s often necessary to migrate archived backup tape data to newer, more current media formats.


  • Tape Data Recovery: Lost data on tapes can be recovered very quickly whether it is a backup software issue, a tape drive failure or a damaged drive.



  • Microsoft Exchange Restores & Other Restores: Time-critical backup tape restorations are often required in response to the need to produce information from Microsoft Exchange or other tape archives in legal proceedings or in response to demands from regulators.





  • Tape Duplication and De-duplication: Our off-line duplication service copies your tapes independently from your live systems and then validates them with a restore process. We can also de-duplicate and compress your data to your requirements.



  • Forensic Tape Services: Kroll Ontrack provides the technology, expertise and capacity to identify, extract and process evidence from one tape to many thousands in an organisation’s archive.




Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery encounters many tape service projects. These scenarios reflect our ability to deliver custom tape services and to customise solutions which are cost effective and meet clients requirements.


Call Kroll Ontrack today on 0508 872 259 to discuss your custom tape service project.

Ontrack Tape Promotions


Free Tape Archive Health Check:


Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery offers a free Tape Archive Health Check for three of your tapes as part of our Tape Restoration Service. During the health check, we assess the readability of three sample tapes from your archive to ensure that tapes are not damaged or using a legacy tape format that your IT department is no longer able to work with.


Fill in our contact form to request a free health check for your backup tape archive.


Free Tape Proof of Concept:


If you anticipate a need for ad hoc restorations in your tape archive, the Kroll Ontrack Proof of Concept gives you the certainty of a successful outcome, regardless of the legacy technologies involved. By testing a number of scenarios with different tape formats and restore requirements, we can ensue your future needs are catered for. At the same time, you can validate the safety credentials of Kroll Ontrack and agree on a chain of custody.


Fill in our contact form to request a proof of concept for our tape management services.