Service Options

Standard, Priority, Emergency and Remote Data Recovery Services

Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery provide a flexible range of data recovery services designed to meet your needs for a quick recovery, the highest data security and the best engineers available to get your data restored and your systems back up and running.

How quickly do you need your data back?

Kroll Ontrack has a transparent data recovery process with no hidden costs. The evaluation process will ensure that you know exactly what is recoverable before deciding to go through with the data recovery.

The table below shows Ontrack Data Recovery’s service level options – these are the approximate times that it takes to recover a customer’s data and deliver it to the customer.

Service Level

Step 1 – Evaluation*

List of recoverable files
is provided to you

Step 3 – Recovery*

Recovered data is
delivered to you

Standard 24 – 48 hours 3 – 5 business days
Priority 12 – 24 hours 2 – 3 business days
Emergency 6 – 12 hours 24 hours
On-site 12 hours 24 hours


*Time estimates for the evaluation and recovery process can vary depending upon data size and data transfer speed of storage systems.

If you are unsure what service best suits your circumstances, then let the data recovery experts advise you and your team on the best option – call 0508 872 259 today.


Ontrack Data Recovery Cleanroom Services
  • Data recovery performed in secure Kroll Ontrack cleanroom labs – designed for opening hard drives and other devices – in as little as 24hours.
  • Cost effective solution for complex and extreme situations where hardware is not functioning properly or is damaged (unusual noise, grinding, blank screen etc.)


Exclusive Ontrack Data Recovery Remote Services

Remote Data Recovery (RDR) is a patented technology, allowing our engineers to perform a lab-quality data recovery right on your server, desktop or laptop through a modem or Internet connection. The only requirement is that the storage device is operational.

Click here for more information about remote data recovery services.

  • Kroll Ontrack is the only provider of this technically advanced, propriety remote service.
  • Data recovery performed remotely through secure modem or internet in as little as one hour.
  • Fast, convenient and cost effective for situations where hardware is functioning properly.
  • Service provided to every city and country in the world; no need to ship equipment anywhere.


Ontrack Data Recovery On-Site Services
  • Data recovery performed at your location typically within 24 hours upon arrival of Kroll Ontrack’s engineer team.
  • This method is generally for the most complex and sensitive situations.


Ontrack Data Recovery Custom Solution
  • Data recovery service for your propriety and/or highly complex systems.
  • Our research and development team works with your developers or IT staff to create customised recovery tools to extract your lost data.
  • Kroll Ontrack is the only data recovery provider that offers custom-designed recovery solutions for propriety systems.