Secure Data Erasure

Delete Private or Confidential Data Securely with Kroll Ontrack

The video below shows an experiment that the Kroll Ontrack Australia team conducted to evidence how easy it is to recover data that has not been correctly wiped from a disk.

Kroll Ontrack have a range of options available for permanently deleting data from a hard
drive or storage device.

Permanently deleting data from a hard disk or storage device is not as simple as it seems. Moving a file into the ‘Recycling Bin’ and then emptying the Recycling Bin folder does not mean that your file is gone and unrecoverable. Until the old data is overwritten with new data, the ‘deleted’ files will still be there. The simple reality is that Kroll Ontrack performs over 50,000 successful recovery jobs annually on supposedly deleted, reformatted or damaged drives.

If you need to know how to wipe a hard drive of all files then Kroll Ontrack offers a few different options suitable for both home use and professional use.

Ontrack Eraser Software:

Ontrack Eraser Software is a flexible DIY solution suitable for permanently deleting data from hard drives on individual machines and offers comprehensive reporting, collected locally or across a network.

This secure eraser solution is ideal for people who are wanting to re-use, sell or give the hard drive to someone else to use as the hardware will still be functional. The software is available for purchase from our online store.

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Ontrack Eraser Degausser

The Ontrack Eraser Degausser uses a demagnetizing process to destroy data from hard drives, tapes and other media – whether they are functioning or not.

This data erasure solution is suitable for old hardware that is being retired or recycled and will no longer be in use as the Degausser will render the hardware or hard drive inoperable.

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Certified Wipe

Kroll Ontrack provides a Certified Wipe service. Simply send us your drive and we will wipe it using Ontrack Eraser Software and provide a confirmation email report detailing device part numbers and erased software for compliance and internal reference. We will return your hard drive to you.

Click Here to download the data erasure job request form or call 0508 872 259 for more information.



Kroll Ontrack Data Recovery runs a community project with the Goodna and Inala Special Schools. Donate your drive to the project which focuses on providing training and skills to students. All drives are professionally wiped in the Kroll Ontrack Lab and then dismantled by students – proceeds of salvageable parts will go towards school fund raising.

This service is free, you simply have to send us the drive. For more information call 0508 872 259.


Advanced Services

Kroll Ontrack has a range of specialist services for the data erasure and data recovery needs of companies and government. If you need to retire IT assets or need the highest level of data erasure possible contact Kroll Ontrack on 0508 872 259 for advice and service options.


Contact Kroll Ontrack on 0508 872 259 today for more information about any of our Secure Data Erasure services.