Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint Recovery and Management

Ontrack PowerControls software is an easy-to-use yet extremely powerful tool that allows SharePoint and IT administrators to efficiently search and restore items from a Microsoft Office SharePoint Server database.

By directly reading your existing content database backups and allowing you to find and restore only the items you need, Ontrack PowerControls saves you significant time and eliminates the need for a recovery server.

Ontrack PowerControls is designed to make granular restoration of SharePoint items or entire sites a much faster and easier process. By eliminating the need to restore the entire SharePoint site just to recover a few items, Ontrack PowerControls makes it simple for an administrator to locate and copy those items back into the production SharePoint environment or to an alternate location. When SharePoint sites need to be consolidated, Ontrack PowerControls allows you to simply drag and drop an entire site into an alternate location.

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Ontrack PowerControls for SharePoint

Ontrack PowerControls significantly reduces the time and resources required to search, identify, copy, restore and export data from the increasingly robust Microsoft SharePoint platform. With a migration path to the newest SharePoint version, coupled with the ability to perform read-only operations on the source files which ensures that evidence data integrity is maintained, Ontrack PowerControls is an integrated, comprehensive tool for IT and legal.

Ontrack PowerControls benefits include:

  • Using Ontrack PowerControls to copy existing content to the new SharePoint 2013 server offers IT a unique migration path that does not require your old server and new server to be online simultaneously. This eliminates the work required to get your old server prepared or capable to coexist with SharePoint 2013.
  • When requests for SharePoint data restoration arise due to an investigation, compliance or legal matter, it can be critical to keep the metadata of items intact. Ontrack PowerControls is forensically sound and does not change the contents of the metadata of the SharePoint source data.
  • Ontrack PowerControls operates from client backups rather than directly from production systems. This eliminates burden on production systems and staff, eliminating the need to grant additional access rights or creation of user accounts to perform collections.
  • Ontrack PowerControls works directly with your backups and does not require change to your infrastructure, making it a highly cost-effective solution for addressing the legal and technical complexities associated with data collection.
  • Ontrack PowerControls is out of the box ready. It does not have any special system requirements, so your IT department does not have to change its infrastructure.

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