Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange

Microsoft Exchange Recovery and Management

Ontrack PowerControls is a simple yet powerful tool for searching, restoring, exporting and analysing mailbox items directly from Microsoft Exchange Server backups, EDB and Information Store files or your live Exchange server.

Think about the number of email messages and mailboxes stored in your organisation’s Exchange server backups. If you needed to find a single email or mailbox in your backups, how long would it take? If the very thought of needing to locate and restore messages or mailboxes from your Exchange server backups makes you cringe, Ontrack PowerControls is the perfect solution.

The proliferation of electronic data has resulted in an increase of stored data volume and requests to locate and restore specific messages or mailboxes. Ontrack PowerControls is a forensically sound email management tool that helps IT teams efficiently search, recover and restore messages, mailboxes, attachments and other Microsoft Office Outlook items from any previous full backup.

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Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange

Ontrack PowerControls ensures that requirements for migration to Exchange 2013 are met by offering a unique migration path that does not require your old server and new server to be online simultaneously. This eliminated the work required to get your old server prepared or capable to coexist with Exchange 2013.

Additional Ontrack PowerControls benefits include:

  • The ability to preserve and export the contents and metadata of Exchange source data – this ensures evidence data integrity is maintained, which is a key requirement for investigations, litigation and regulatory requests.
  • Enhanced export to PST files including search results and options to separate or merge content.
  • The ability to retrieve email from a live Exchange server so that your IT department can browse, search, delete, move, copy and export e-mail and mailboxes easier, enabling more efficient collection of pertinent information for investigations and compliance.
  • Ontrack PowerControls eliminates the need to keep legacy Exchange environments for addressing Exchange restores. This fact eliminates significant storage, labour and Microsoft licensing fees for companies that are required to retain e-mail for many years.
  • When searching for email messages, folders, mailboxes or attachments, Ontrack PowerControls allows administrators to define precise search criteria (item type, keyword, subject, date range and custodian) and run searches across multiple mailboxes or EDB files at the same time.
  • Ontrack PowerControls operates from client backups rather than directly from production systems. This eliminates burden on production systems and staff, eliminating the need to grant additional access rights or creation of user accounts to perform collections.

To make an enquiry about Ontrack PowerControls for Microsoft Exchange environments, please contract us today on 0508 872 259 or Click Here to download a free trial of the software.

Ontrack PowerControls Optional Components

Ontrack PowerControls users can select advanced optional components, known as PowerPacks, to enhance the product’s capabilities.

PowerPack ExtractWizard

ExtractWizard is a powerful feature that allows you to restore data from tape or disk backups to any alternative location (machine, volume, or folder). By eliminating the need for a duplicate server, Ontrack PowerControls ExtractWizard greatly reduces the time required for data restoration and recovery. Each edition of Ontrack PowerControls is distributed with the following ExtractWizard Agents:

  • Agent for Windows NT Backup
  • Agent for Symantec Backup Exec
  • Agent for EMC NetWorker
  • Agent for CA ARCserve Backup
  • Agent for Symantec NetBackup
  • Agent for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager
  • Agent for HP Data Protector
  • Agent for CommVault Simpana
  • Agent for UltraBac

The Agents are disabled by default and require a new license file to be enabled.

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