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The Power of Ontrack PowerControls Software

Ontrack PowerControls software helps administrators search, recover, restore and manage data efficiently in Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server environments.

Ontrack PowerControls software is the leading solution for restoring individual items, lists, libraries and folders within Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server environments, and can cut restoration times by more than 50%! It works directly with current backups and allows administrators to extract and restore only the items that are needed providing an easier and less expensive process than maintaining a recovery server. Other benefits include:

  • Simplicity: Ontrack PowerControls software performs data restoration without any additional requirements, changes, storage or burden placed on the production environment.
  • Flexibility: The tool operates on multiple versions of Exchange and SharePoint. And with its intuitive functionality, it allows for searching and restoration across dissimilar versions.
  • Transparency: Ontrack PowerControls software allows IT administrators to browse, search and preview messages and/or files prior to restoration.

In addition to data maintenance tasks, IT regularly receives collection requests from legal, requiring them to efficiently and defensibly identify, preserve and collect potentially relevant data from live environments as well as backups with minimal disruption. Ontrack PowerControls addresses the legal and technical complexities associated with data collection through an easy to use, intuitive interface, intelligent search functionality, and the ability to work directly with backups. Once the relevant data has been located and identified, IT can leverage Ontrack PowerControls to export the data while preserving metadata, in industry standard formats, so it can be easily imported into both archiving applications as well as ediscovery platforms for deeper downstream analysis and review.

Simply put, Ontrack PowerControls dramatically cuts time and expense normally associated with Exchange, SharePoint and SQL item restoration. To enquire about purchasing Ontrack PowerControls for your organisation today, contact us on 0508 872 259 or fill in the contact form.

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Ontrack PowerControls Advantages:

Ontrack PowerControls significantly reduces time and resources required to search, identify, copy, restore and export data from Exchange, SharePoint and SQL platforms. With a migration path to the newest Exchange and SharePoint versions coupled with complete support for collections Ontrack PowerControls is an integrated, comprehensive tool for IT and legal.

Other Ontrack PowerControls advantages include:

  • Supports the most current version of Exchange Server including new Public Folder support.
  • Supports the most current version of SharePoint Server including shredded storage format and multiple SharePoint experience.
  • The ability to preserve and export the content and metadata of Exchange/SharePoint source data.
  • Optional management features when deploying Ontrack PowerControls into an Exchange hosted environment.
  • Optional Mailbox Criteria when opening Exchange EDB source files.
  • Better performance when connecting to target Exchange servers.
  • Enhanced export to PST files including search results and options to separate or merge content.
  • Enhanced export to MSG files using Unicode format.
  • Additional search fields on Exchange.
  • Enhanced metadata preservation when exporting Exchange and SharePoint data.
  • Ability to connect to Exchange Server via Outlook Anywhere.
  • Ability to connect to SharePoint server via Windows authentication, Claims-based authentication and Forms-based authentication methods.
  • Improved Mailbox Creation Wizard including greater control during new mailbox creation on Exchange server targets.
  • Restore just the table you need – not the entire database
  • Preview content before restoration

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