Ontrack Eraser Software 4.0

diy data eraser software

Ontrack Eraser Software 4.0

Ontrack Eraser Software is the most flexible data erasing solution on the market. It makes erasing data fast, secure and cost efficient. It can be run from both Windows and Linux environments and can be run over your networks or on individual PCs.

diy data eraser software
Key Features and Benefits:
  • 100% secure, fast to install, easy-to-use
  • Nato, US and various European government accreditations
  • Enables enterprises to implement and control reliable data erasure from mixed storage environments
  • Uniquely able to erase data from VMWare machines
  • Erase over internal and external networks or standalone devices
  • Fast to install, easy to use
  • Superior system performance, even when erasing large volumes of drives
  • Powerful and customisable reporting tool
  • Solutions for Windows and Linux environments

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For more information or enquiries, please call 0508 872 259.

Whether it is regulations or corporate social responsibilities, companies are changing the way they dispose of their data. Whatever your situation, make sure that these actions do not come at the cost of the safety of your customer’s data or your proprietary information. All media that contains sensitive data should be erased before it is disposed of to ensure maximum data protection.
The “Delete” button or other basic overwriting techniques only delete the pathways to the data rather than the data itself and confidential information will still be at risk. Ontrack Eraser Software (OES) erases all traces of information stored on the media making recovery of data impossible.
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Kroll Ontrack has several video resources available to assist you with installation, admin, configuration and erasing using Ontrack Eraser Software 4.0:

Fast and Flexible - Secure and Reliable

Install Ontrack Eraser software through a simple and intuitive administration tool. The configuration only takes minutes before you can start erasing data. You can even erase multiple units at the same time. Whether you’re an IT recycling company or a busy enterprise, the Ontrack Eraser software is the most flexible data eraser solution on the market. It makes data eraser, fast, secure and cost efficient.

Ontrack Eraser software helps guarantee that all data has been erased. Most applications only erase the index but the Ontrack Eraser software overwrites all traces of information, thus making data reconstruction impossible. Users can decide which standard they wish to use, including algorithms approved by the US and UK military authorities.

Designed for Large Scale End-of-Life Data Deletion

The advanced capabilities of Ontrack Eraser software enable companies to build a fully automated, time saving and cost-effective wipe process for a large volume of data from mixed environments including PCs, laptops, servers and storage systems centrally. Whether you’re an organization interested in securely deleting your end-of-life data or an IT asset disposal company that offers deletion services to your clients, the Ontrack Eraser 4.0 can help you securely dispose of your old data.

System Performance

Ontrack Eraser software gives you capacity to perform over 200 concurrent device erasures to ensure the largest enterprise jobs are handled efficiently. As more driver/hardware support is added, users will experience enhanced speed in the erasure process.

System Reporting

Ontrack Eraser software has a powerful reporting tool that collects all erasures made over the network or from individual hard drives. Reports that denote the hard drive make, serial number and model number, as well as the wipe algorithm applied to accomplish the job, provide corporations with the appropriate records for recycling centers and compliance requests. The Erasure Report contents can easily be customized by the user.

Customizable Interface

The intuitive management interface allows you to completely customize the way you interact and configure the product. A new system authentication functionality is built in to the management interface enabling you to validate that the erasure is conducted in the appropriate manner by the appropriate individual.

VMware® Drive Wiping Capabilities

Ontrack Eraser software has also the unique ability to delete data from VMware machines, ensuring businesses are securely deleting data from their virtual environments and therefore addressing the complete scope of their IT environment.

Ontrack Eraser Software Editions:

Ontrack Eraser offers four kinds of licences:

  • Licence per Erasure: This licence is based on an erasure counter and the counter is decreased per device being erased.
  • Time Limited: The licence is time limited. It provides unlimted erasures within the time specified.
  • Time Limited Licence per Erasure: This licence is limited by time and an erasure counter. The licence is based per erasure within a given time.
  • Unlimited:This license offers unlimited erasures. It never expires.

Secure data disposal is essential. Ontrack Eraser overwrites all traces of information, making data reconstruction impossible. You can trust the world leading Data Recovery company with your data erasure needs. For more information or enquiries, call 0508 872 259 or or check out our Data Degaussing solution for permanent data deletion.