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About Kroll Ontrack – Australia and New Zealand

We know that your data is precious and often there is only one chance to recover data – so you want to make sure that your data recovery provider is the best in the industry.

Through its world renowned Ontrack Data Recovery service, Kroll Ontrack Australia has been the leading data recovery provider in Australia and New Zealand since 2005. We were the first and still are the most successful provider of data recovery services for RAID, virtualised and flash / solid state media. A relentless research and development program means we have the largest and most advanced class 100 cleanroom environment in Australia. Your data is safe in our private Australian data center, and through our certified partner and drop off locations we serve metropolitan and country areas throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Kroll Ontrack is the world’s largest data recovery services provider with 33 offices and 19 clean room facilities worldwide. Our scale allows us to work faster on your data recovery, giving you the highest chance of recovery and allowing us to keep the world’s largest spare parts inventory for data recovery services. Our research and development program makes sure that even for the newest technologies and storage solutions we have a data recovery solution. We perform more than 50,000 data recovery projects per year worldwide.

Our services are based on excellence, transparency and clear communication. We strive to offer the highest service level every time while offering absolute clarity about what we can recover and keeping you informed throughout the process. We offer online tools to monitor, view, and accept your data recovery. You always have the opportunity to talk to our staff and discuss your data loss before you go ahead with our services.

Kroll Ontrack offers the leading DIY data recovery software tools Ontrack EasyRecovery and Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange and SharePoint, and our services also include professional erasure software and hardware solutions, as well as the most diverse tape recovery facility.

Privately owned Kroll Ontrack provides consulting, services and cutting-edge technology products in the following areas to address your critical information needs:

Data Recovery

Data loss can happen at any time and to any organisation or individual. Through its Ontrack® Data Recovery products and services, Kroll Ontrack is the world leader in data recovery, offering fast, convenient and cost-effective solutions for clients who have experienced data loss.

Information Management

Whether it is preparing your document house to mitigate risk or address legal or regulatory requests or evaluating your document policies, protocols and technologies, managing your organization’s data efficiently and effectively is no easy task. Our consultants have years of industry experience helping clients confidently respond to a broad range of information management challenges including classifying all documents into value and retention classes to manage the lifecycle of documents, assessing systems security with penetration testing, breach remediation, creating and administering document retention and destruction protocols, defensibly safeguarding potentially relevant data, and quickly implementing litigation holds and other business requests for ESI.


As legal requirements are increasingly complex and data volume continues to grow, Kroll Ontrack provides the industry’s most efficient management of electronically stored information (ESI) for litigation, regulatory inquiries or investigations. Kroll Ontrack streamlines the discovery process through experienced people, innovative technologies and excellent service.

Kroll Ontrack is the technology services division of Altegrity, an industry-leading provider of information solutions. Altegrity, Inc., is the largest commercial provider of background investigations for the government; the world’s leading risk consulting company that provides a broad range of investigative, intelligence, financial, security and technology services to organizations and multinational corporations around the world.

Kroll Ontrack in Asia Pacific

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Corporate: www.krollontrack.com